We picked up a new tv, much larger than the last. It makes my Nintendo games HUGE.

We painted a halloween mask today.

It was rainy all night and would be for part of the day, so we decided to head over to Ikea and look at some things we'd had on our list for awhile. 
After that we spent some time at 12 Oaks Mall letting the little one run around and play, since it was still raining on and off.

When you're too lazy to make anything.

Today is the little one's fist field trip. We visited a dairy farm.
He got to feed cows and see how they are milked. Lots of information packed into a few hours.

We're getting to the point where he can play some games on his own.

Morning cuddles!

Horses in the distance.

We had a fun day of coloring and other lazy Sunday activities.

It's my birthday!

This game is amazing.

Adafruit's subscription box arrived yesterday and in it was a fun Halloween-friendly set of screens. They shipped the hardware pre-loaded with fun, spooky eyes that I'm hoping to incorporate into some decorations we have.

 We're up again early so we're out for another walk. It's foggy today.
We also ran across this turtle. I'm assuming this is the same one, but maybe not. Same general area as yesterday.

We took an early walk before I went to work. On the nature trail we cam across a turtle slowly walking across the grass.

Saw this guy crossing the path while I was out at lunch walking.

We did the Bridge Run again this weekend. We had fun last year and so I signed the little up one up again.
 This time I didn't take a stroller and he walked a good chunk of it, rain and all.
 But we did pause for a drink and I did give him some piggyback rides.
All in all he had a great time and I'm sure he'll be up for it again next year.

Did some wiring of a halloween decoration while Chris and the little one were out and about.

He tried his hand at Stardew Valley again today.

Silly faces for a silly kid.

We re-watched Harry Potter with the little one day. Well, half of it anyway.

The little one loves if I decorate pancakes with this stuff. Better than syrup I guess.

Since the cat doesn't always use it, the little one will decorate it.

 We drove out to Schwallier's Country Basket this morning.
 They had plenty of entertainment for little ones.
Including fun farm animals to pet!

 The little one was so excited for a Happy Potter themed at the zoo today!
 They had so many cool decorations throughout the zoo.
And fun stations set up to explore different things. The nice thing is a lot of this works for Halloween as well.

I've been doing other things, I swear! But lots of PC gaming while people in the house are sleeping.

I've been enjoying playing various classes on World of Warcraft Classic, which is how the game launched roughly 15 years ago.

The little one was not happy with these. They were supposed to be Harry Potter themed, apparently.

Its his first day of preschool and he's so excited!

It was a beautiful day today!

 We spent the day visiting grandparents, letting the little one have fun at both houses.
And enjoy tasty treats, like ice cream and cupcakes.