We went to Disney On Ice today. He's a good age for it so we thought we'd try it.
 I haven't been to anything like this in decades, so I forgot how crazy everyone can dress up.
Quinn really enjoyed the show. The nice part was that our section up by us was empty, so we were alone.

We keep getting this junk. Bleh.

I spent part of the morning popping balloons in my office. The team were testing them for an event and didn't need them anymore so I figured, why not get rid of them?

I picked up a few things, including Avatar, the Last Air Bender. I really liked it when I watched it several years ago, so I think Chris and Quinn will enjoy it as well.

This furry guy turned 12 today. he really enjoyed his delicious wet cat food.

I took a walk at lunch today. The snow is slowly receding.

Lorelei came over and the two exchanged gifts (christmas and birthday gifts). They had a great time running around screaming together.

Today is a big toy day for Chris, so Quinn and I spent most of the day together doing various things. We went grocery shopping, watched a movie, and worked on a puzzle.
He picked this one out. It was 100 pieces, which is a little more than what he can do on his own, but with help we can complete it pretty quickly.

 He immediately went to sleep last night and slept for almost 12 hours. So I consider this a win.
We did yoga in the morning in the lobby with several other kids. He was bored half way through since it's pretty low energy, but he made it to the end.
 We enjoyed the water park and played more arcade games.
 He also ran around in the afternoon before checkout as Harry Potter, completing various quests. 
He wasn't ready to leave when it was time to go, but he slept the whole 2.5 hours it took us to get home, so I'd say he was ready for a break.

As part of Quinn's birthday gift, we went up for one night to Great Wolf Lodge. We went for his 3rd birthday and thought he'd really enjoy even more at 5.
One of the things we were hoping he'd enjoy this time around was MagicQuest. Last time he was iffy on the whole, questing and pointing wands at things. This year he was all in.
Of course, no trip out is without it's breaks. These two hung out for a bit to recover after a few hours of running around in the hotel.
There's a little arcade in the hotel as well. While he's a little young for most things, he still was able to find things to enjoy.
We also went to Story Time this visit, which was a fun bedtime reading adventure with tons of other kids in the hotel in the grand lobby.

We have a lot of little Batman figures.

Today is Quinn's 5th birthday! He was feeling well enough for preschool, so he was able to go and participate in some of the birthday-week festivities, such as bringing home a mystery box. Each birthday week a kid brings this home and places an item in it with 3 clues. Then their classmates need to guess what's inside.
He went through presents very carefully, not tearing the wrapping paper too much. It's always amusing to see how delicate he is, and not at all like I was as a kid. 
 Lots of toys and playing in the afternoon after school. Even the cat came around to investigate.
Since we hadn't had the cake on Sunday (as he wasn't feeling well), we finally had some of the Harry Potter birthday cake.

Quinn is home sick from preschool today, although he is better than he was yesterday. I also have the day off so he and I spent time decorating the house for tomorrow.
 Chris spent a chunk of the day making gift bags for his classmates with prizes and candy.
In the evening I went out with friends, so of course it started to snow for our drives home.

Today we're in the Detroit area to celebrates Quinn's 5th birthday, which is technically on the 18th. He's not feeling well today, so it's been a pretty low energy day today.
 He made out with plenty of toys, so he still had a great time.
And his best bud, Fuzzy, now can dress up as Batman too, so he really enjoyed pajama time when we arrived home.

We worked on a birthday cake together for Quinn's 5th birthday. He's still a huge fan of Harry Potter, so we made a Harry Potter cake.

I forgot to take a photo of anything for today, so enjoy this photo of a box of candy. Appropriate for my feelings toward this particular holiday.

They keep switching up the Android Auto look and feel.

Working on a card for daddy.

I'm still slowly working my way through Witcher 3 during my lunch break. Really enjoying the game and there is a lot of content to go through.

We're slowly taking an interest in coloring.

We visited the YMCA this morning. This little guy went flying down the indoor track, his superhero cape fluttering behind him.

We have a lot of ImagiNext (and other) figures.

It's nice that we can play Stardew Valley together with multiplayer, though I'd have preferred if we could have done split-screen.

How he's playing Mario tonight. In a Flash mask, and a Harry Potter pajama set.

These swans have been enjoying the water while it's not frozen.

I'm loving the blue sky today. Totally worth it to sit out in the cold and just enjoy it.

The blue sky and sunshine meant we had to go out and enjoy it. We ended up going to Hagar park and he ran around while I enjoyed the sun.

 This was probably the fastest and easiest to make of the Popin' Cookin's we've tried.
The little one had fun, but I didn't feel like it was challenging enough.