Another day with rain.... I had planned to go out and try geocaching again, but I'm not terribly interested if its going to be pouring rain.

Here's Leki watching the rain on the window sill next to the computer desk. He doesnt usually watch it, but I guess today the drain spout was particularly interesting.

I always loved treasure hunts. When I was little my parents used to make up riddles and stash the notes somewhere hidden on the xmas tree when my little brother and I were going to receive a big present - like a bike or a stereo. I wasn't always very good at them, but I definitely enjoyed the experience.

So after reading about geocaching last year I thought I would try it. Well, I did - and failed. Now I know that some spots are in mucky areas, or hard to reach. What I didnt expect when I laced up my boots was such deep water due to flooding. I'm not sure why - we've had flood advisories in the Grand Rapids area. But none the less, I didnt come prepared. I came about, according to my GPS, 20 yards from the cache and could go no further. I walked around and tried to get through the water, but it was too deep.

So geocache attempt number 1 - failed.

Tomorrow I'm going to try another one...

After several days of rain and cloudy days, there has finally be a day of mostly sunshine. To celebrate I stopped off at John Ball Park while I was in the area. I was hoping to snag a picture of some swans or something. No such luck. In fact, all they had there were the plastic ones you could ride. But there were plenty of geese fighting over bread crumbs being tossed to them, flowers blooming, and sprays of white clouds in the blue sky.

While I was out and about filling out paperwork I came across this tree. Unfortunately the only camera I can was on my phone.

I've always thought these types of trees were nice looking. They make a bit of a mess with the petals fall, but before that they're great to look at.

Today is another rainy day.... No awesome thunderstorms and pretty streaks of lightning, just rain, rain, and more rain. Unfortunately the area just outside my apartment is a little moist on dry days. So when rain comes, puddles form. Here's a picture of a puddle jut outside my deck. The entire back area is pretty much like that. Water with a little bit of grass.

So on day's like today, nothing beats enjoying the rain from indoors and maybe playing a few video games....

While I was out walking at Pickerel Lake Park this morning (in the hopes of beating the rain which didn't happen) I snapped a few shots. One of them, in between rain showers, was of this little guy chilling on his web. It was a little windy and difficult to get a good image of the rain drops and web, so this was the best I could do.

I think its a silk worm, but I'm not really sure...

After my last final for the semester I met up with a few people I used to work with at Sprint for some drinks and good times. It was at the usual place - Cascade Sports Bar. So here is just a quick snapshot of the drinks/table...

I've had a lot of rejection lately in my life. There was the rejection from a lover, rejection from employment, applications rejected that were FOR employment, heck even my cat was beginning to reject me. The list goes on. Needless to say, its left me mopey and depressed.

Well, no longer. After weeks of searching for a job, I've finally got a bite. Even if it doesnt turn out to be the best thing in the world or doesnt pan out - it is just a shimmer of light at an end of a dark tunnel.

After weeks of trying to mend a love life, I finally understand myself and my relationships a little better and that there are things I need to fix with me before anyone else can come around.

All this on a Thursday? Maybe for me, Thursday is the new Friday.

On cold mornings sometimes there is nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate to warm up to. So this morning when it was a little chilly I decided instead of juice, or V8, why not indulge in some sinful hot chocolate?

And lets not forget, adding little marshmallows only makes it better.

After visiting my parents on Sunday I came away from their house, like I often do, with something. This time around it was 3 non-functioning computers - all with parts that are salvageable.

So here they are, chilling on my dining table waiting to be operated on, parts all over. And yes, that's an AMD processor next to the laptop...

I never realized how much, after just one week, I would miss Dayzee. If I hear a weird noise, I assume its her walking around avoiding the cat. Or when I woke up, I told myself I had to get moving to walk her.

So here's the spot where her bed used to be... Somehow I doubt the cat is missing her.

I dropped Dayzee off this afternoon at my parents house. While she was excited to be back and exhausted from the week she spent under the glaring eye of Leki, my cat, I think she was a little sad to see me go as well.

Here she is starting to nap on the floor at my parents house.

So I've been borrowing my parents dog Dayzee for a few days. Unfortunately, Leki (cat) isn't very keen on dogs. Often he lays about in the hallways, preventing the dog from passing, or hissing if the dog attempts to get a little affectionate with people.

Slowly, however, Dayzee has been ramping up courage. Here we see the dog and cat in a standoff over Dayzee's food dish. Leki slowly backed away and sat down (as seen). Eventually he left the scene completely.

While walking Dayzee the other day on a nature trail not far from my apartment, I stumbled across this. It was a few feet from the path and bathed in sunlight.

I apologize for the poor quality - its hard to take any pictures when the dog you're with keeps sniffing and jerking your hand at every flower and plant. Too many other critters have walked by apparently.

The troops have arrived! Seen in this picture are a few different types of chickens of different sizes. They range from just under an inch to three inches.

I've got plans for them involving an epic stay tuned. :)

So tonight I met up with some people I used to work with at Sprint - Joe and Shelly. Had a fun time over at the restaurant chatting and catching up.

Unfortunately, in the poor lighting, most of the pics on my camera didnt come out to well. So I have a picture of Joe, but nothing of Shelly really. So here he is, giving a goofy look of wtf is wrong with you lady.

My little brother is pretty creative. Whether its sketching something out on paper or sewing something together, he's coming up with something. Hell, when we were kids he would craft all kinds of cookies and cakes, experimenting with food color and the like to see what he would get.

His latest vice these days is sewing, and here is a pretty simple example of what he does. A plain black converse shoe with a zebra print stitched on - with dental floss.

Now that my little bro is back in Michigan I get to see him a bit more. Here he is chilling on my couch with his girlfriend Karen, watching her play Animal Crossing. He's working on sewing in some army themed patches into an old army uniform shirt that he picked up used at the Salvation Army.

He comes up with some pretty neat designs, cutting letters/words/images out of torn up clothing and working them into other stuff. To date I think he's mostly done shirts, jackets, pants, and shoes.

Anyway, while he and Karen spent a few days with me they basically just played wii. Karen is crazy in love with Animal Crossing (who wouldnt be - those cute little buggers are strangely addictive) and they also trialed Cooking Mama for me. All in all it was a good visit and it was nice to see them again.

Sometimes you stumble across something momentous, something epic. Sometimes you catch webkins locked in an epic battle.

Spice (Left) had mentioned, in passing, that Ruby (Right) was looking a little heavy these days. Next thing Spice knew fork was in hand and poised to strike. It was all Nathan could do to quell the violence. He had to take action. He had to separate them.

Here you see the two in forced negotiations, Nathan continuing to insist that Ruby put down the fork...

While he doesn't have any chocolate candies or colored eggs, this fuzzy little guy still came out and grazed in the morning sun.

Maybe when I get home from classes later there will be hidden surprises in the grass? Somehow I suspect if there are, they wont be chocolate. ;(

Sometimes, after being out and about during the day, I arrive home to be greeted by a very well rested, excited, fuzzy ball of teeth.

Here you see an orange monster, outstretched with claws poised to snag soft squishy flesh.

With unemployment stretching on and only a steady small stream of applications to send out, I've resolved to reinvent a few things.

First and foremost (and without my mother's consent - here's hoping she appreciates me using her as a guinea pig) I'm redesigning my mother's website ( She's a great genealogist, very knowledgeable in her field, but is not a huge fan of sitting in front of the computer updating and designing her website. Her passion is solving mysteries - that is tracking down people's family lines.

This will help familiarize me with today's web design standards (I haven't really done anything since the mid-90's) and help bring more visibility to my mother's talents.

Mind you this is a rough draft and well, honestly, I think the website is still a little bland and needs to be spiced up. I just dont know how to do that yet.

Thanks library for teh books. :P

My aunt gave me this plant years ago. Originally it was small and from my grandfathers funeral. Every place I have ever lived it has flourished - until now. Unfortunately, because of the direction my apartment faces (N) and its location relative to the other apartments, I get very little direct sunlight. As a result, this poor plant is suffering.

First I purchased plant food. Nothing. Then I purchased a spot light which is installed in my office and shines on the plant all day long. Now, however, since the days are slightly warmer I've been setting it outside, a few yards away from my deck, in the direct sunlight. Here's to hoping that it grows bounces back..

(pic forthcoming)

I took a day trip today to the Detroit Science Center in Detroit, MI. While there they had this goofy looking dude who would quote all kinds of creepy things and had crazy lights.

The thing that was so neat about him was the chest cavity was clear, so you could peer right in and identify hard drives, power supply, motherboard, etc.

Leki patiently waits for Peppy to come out from behind the tv for more fun!

No really, that's what that burrito is called at Moe's. Awesome little place down on 28th Street in Grand Rapids. They're pretty fast, friendly, and most of all - tasty!

Yes, those are 3 different sauces I'm going to use to try with the free chips you get.

And yes, that is a wireless xbox controller. All the better to control the hacked box with.

So today I spent the evening over at Dan's house. We watched a movie (the Fountain), talked, and now I'm eating pizza waiting for him to get back after making a quick delivery for Sherry.

So in the pic (taken on my cell phone so not the best quality) is Daniel and his daughter Natalie. He is consoling her after she accidentally smacked her head on the door knob.

As you can see, Dan is an avid reader. :)

Now that I'm home I have things that need to be done. Job searches, cleaning, laundry, snuggling with the cat. But first, brownies need to be made. And what better time to make them when the helper kitty, Leki, is around to assist?

Notice the bottle of raspberry silk chocolate wine? Using that instead of water gives it a slight raspberry flavor and just so much better. make bath time so much fun!

Ok seriously. Being out on a lake means you spot a lot of birds. Ducks, geese, loons, and even swans litter the surface of St Mary's Lake. So far the swans haven't gotten close enough, but I've snagged pics of the others.

Here is a pic of a female duck I caught. She was swimming around while the male was just a few feet away watching her.

I'll also throw in a pic of some geese I was watching at Scottsville Riverside Park.

Today is my first day up in Ludington. Unfortunately, without internet you will have to wait on pics (but i can apparently post via While driving up here I didnt see much wildlife. Just some ducks.

Once I got up here I stumbled upon a bunch of cute chickens. Not the greatest pic since the car was moving (traffic behind us). Still, zomg aren't they cute?

There were snow flurries and a little bit of snow on the ground, so i stayed indoors most of the time. That, coupled with a bruise I apparently sustained on my back from being clumsy last night, served as an excuse to try and finish off Andromeda. Next time I wont try to stumble in the dark and just turn on the light...sheesh...