I pulled out my sewing kit a few weeks ago with the intent to create another crochet egg for the ferret. See, ferrets love to hide things, and it's way easier for them to hide an Easter egg full of rice (not instant rice) when it's covered in yarn.

The last one I made I half-assed. As you can see I only had a few short bits of different yarn and I got really lazy at the end. The fraying is, honestly how I made and through no wear and tear from the ferret. I'm just that bad at crochet.
After spending a really good chunk of the morning first refreshing myself on how to actually crochet there was a lot of starting a row, pulling all the stitches out and then trying it over again. Eventually I found a nice tutorial for making crochet eggs.
After Leki gave up trying to play with the string, he just got plain jealous and laid on it.
The day wore on. I stopped and started quite a bit. In the evening I finally decided to finish it off (it can't be that hard, right?)
I finally finished it looks better than the old one, that's for sure. I just hope I didn't make the stitches too tight that it's difficult for the ferret to grip.

Now to just wait for her to wake up and show her.


Awesome!!! Great project. It's so nice to get something finished in a fairly short time after it's started.

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