We spent part of the evening playing games together.

Learned from the 4 year old that this stuffed Maleficent dragon apparently eats dreams.

I met my friend Lori for breakfast and she passed along 2 large boxes of books. The little one is loving it!

Continuing the tradition of ferret calendars. The 2020 calendar just arrived today.

Finally. We are finally getting to a point where noodles are ending up on forks instead of fingers.

We wandered around the neighborhood this evening, looking at different Christmas lights. Chris has been sick so he stayed at home to relax while we ran around.
It was almost 60 while we were out, so it was great weather to be out.

 Christmas Day is finally here. Day 4 of a present extravaganza!
 Even our cat Leki had a great day.
 We spent most of the day putting together a lego set.
Although we did take a break and run around outside, since it was over 50 degrees fahrenheit outside.

It's a half day at work, so I went in for the morning. Good thing for my kid that I did - a co-worker gave him this awesome bag of goodies.

 We met up with Chris and Amy and went to an early showing of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker.
 We hung out a bit at my parent's house with them as well.
 In the evening we headed over to Grandma Karath's house for another round of presents. 
 I love this toy - it came with Han Solo's voice.
Chris and Amy even stopped by to say hello to Chris's mom before the evening was over.

 We spent the day at my parents house, letting the little one play with his uncle and tire everyone out.
We opened presents and played video games.
The kid made out like a bandit, with a bunch of stuffed animals to keep him company at the hotel.

He really wanted his photo next to this cardboard tree.

A co-worker gave me this fun book! Now I have to pick up some ingredients so I can get cooking.

He is overweight and this is a very unflattering angle of our orange kitty.

Let the season of gifts begin! It's book exchange day at preschool!

I tested some shrinky dink blank sheets I picked up and drew a little junimo from Stardew Valley.

Christmas cookies!

made another ornament for the felt tree. This snowman is a bit big and, as the little one says, missing a top hat.

Corinne came over for a few hours and brought an awesome new game to play (Gigamons). She's so good with kids and it's great catching up with her!

Sometimes I don't feel like packing a lunch, or going and buying anything, so I end up eating these emergency meals Chris buys for me. They never quite look as tasty as the photo.

He loves getting mail from his grandparents. Stickers, temporary tattoos, what's not to like?

Today is our work holiday party. I spent part of the morning cutting out demigorgan flowers for our holiday diorama at the event.

It's snowy and gross today. This photo doesn't do justice to what the roads were like this morning.

Redbox is selling off their video games, so I snagged Death Stranding for $40. Looking forward to a weird, wild ride.

We've all been enjoying the Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar. Lots of fun little things to build. The 4 year old's favorite part is mini-figures for sure.

 We did the Great Candy Cane Hunt this year.
The first part of the event is running around and finding candy canes (laminated colored ones) and turning them in for real candy candes.
 There there are inside activities such as stories and games.
 Plus pizza! This is the first time he's actually eaten a pizza slice willingly, so we were very happy.
After we spent the rest of the day baking all kinds of cookies.

I've been playing a lot of Stardew Valley again and have started a family. I'm not sure why I thought having a virtual baby would be a good idea after the stress of having a real one a few years ago.

This is totally something I say to my husband in real life.

We've really struggled with anything outside of three foods that the 4 year old will eat. We've been having a rough week of new foods but we're working through it.

Some co-workers and I went out for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. This town loves new restaurants so there was a line before they'd even opened.

The preschool holiday program was tonight. he was so excited and had lots of fun playing with his friends before they got on stage to sing.

Leki had a lot of fun while we put up the Christmas tree today. He tolerated this headband around his neck that Quinn gave him. For five seconds anyway...
He also kept trying to nap under the tree while we were decorating it.