The toddler made a line of tented books in the bedroom. He was very particular that they remain where they are.

I made two strips of lights last night for Quinn's felt tree. He saw I was taking a photo so he had to take a photo on his "phone".

Some co-workers brought in delicious biryani rice. I could eat this all the time.

Saw a cute little car today.

This is the ornament Quinn picked out this year. He's such a huge fan of cars and the characters from the Cars movies especially, that it seems fitting.

 We had a fun afternoon playing with Play-Doh.
Quinn wanted a frog like the one on his box, so we made a frog.

After a busy Thursday we launched right into a busy Friday! Dan and Lolo came over in the morning and the kids got to play together.
In the afternoon we raked leaves in the yard. Quinn even wanted to use the leaf blower. He was really fascinated by it.
Then for dinner we head the Thanksgiving meal I cooked during the day (crockpots are magical). Like last year Quinn wasn't interested in much of anything, but he did like getting a fancy plate for his food.

 This Thanksgiving was packed with cars! Quinn played cars with his Grandma Karath at her place.
 And then we headed over to Grandpa Karath's and played cars there.
But we weren't done! After that we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Oslund's house and played with Uncle Jeff's micro machines. So many cars!

Everyone gets to nap in a bed, including his little pink alien.

I'm trying a new treadmill at the gym today. It's been great to work through some Miss Fisher episodes at lunch, although I do prefer to run on the track.

Being able to take this on the go and play wherever is great.

He is slowly coating every surface with cars.

I didn't need this game. I played this game for well over a hundred hours years ago when it first came out, but here we are. The Switch version has all of the DLC I didn't buy the first time around so some content is going to be new. Plus, I definitely don't remember every little quest and area in the game, which means the game isn't boring as I build up a new character.

So far I've been having a lot of fun. The only real drawback is I need to start wearing headphones so I can hear all of the dialog when I'm playing around other people. 

Chris went to see Justice League so we had a fun movie night of our own. Quinn picked Moana and kept his Moana and Maui toys with him while he watched the movie. I really like Moana over Frozen, so I'm happy Quinn does too.

Quinn still loves his Scout dog who talk and plays music. It's fun to watch him re-discover toys months later and they're like new to him since he's grown so much in such a short time.

The pixel buds I ordered awhile back arrived earlier this week so I've been playing with them on and off during a busy week at work. I prefer in-ear headphones as opposed ear buds but I really wanted to try these out. They're a little big for my ears (and therefore uncomfortable) but they're a better quality headphone than anything else I have.

My only real big issue is that its too easy for me to resume a paused song or podcast when fumbling to take out or put in the right earbud. Other than that I've been enjoying them. I thought the wire connecting them would bother me a lot more than it does.

I'll probably have a better feel in another month when I've had more time to play with them, but I'm already impressed at their better battery life over my current (albeit much cheaper) in-ear wireless headphones.

He really enjoys playing with these whiteboard markers.

The cat would love to sleep in this tunnel but the toddler wont stay out long enough for him to settle down.

Quinn had fun painting while Chris worked on one of his custom action figures.

 Chris's family came out today to visit for the day.
Quinn had a lot of fun running around and playing with everyone.

There wasn't any snow on the ground at my house, but there was a little when I arrived at work. Brr!

He was pretty committed to wearing his Darth Vader robe all evening.

The local YMCA appears to have put up a little free library. Cute.

A bunch of co-worker met up this evening after work for fun and games at Dave and Buster's. We had a pretty large party (20+ I believe) which is a pretty good turn out.
A lot of us had extra game cards from earlier this year for a work event. It was a lot of fun to get to hang out and play more games.

I met up with some old co-workers for dinner and drinks. Autumn even brought her beautiful babies with her!

We stopped at Costco to pick up a few things and saw this giant wine glass. It's as tall as me!

We decided to stay up a little late tonight since it's the time change. We were out at the store picking up a few things and decided to swing by Steak and Shake to enjoy a tasty dessert.

I headed out after work to an early showing of Thor. It was a fun movie and definitely took a page from the latest Guardians movie.

He doesn't believe us that a biscuit is a type of bread.

I'm ok with a toddler who likes to help clean.