My kickstarter reward for backing the Miss Fisher movie arrived. The cat is loving it.

This cat is usually everywhere you want to be. He just wants to make sure he doesn't miss anything, I guess.

He's watched enough Sarah and Duck that he's now pretending to be Plate Girl.

Leki is 10 years old today. The last few years have been rough for him, adjusting to a tiny human in the house. He's slowly coming around.

He's a goofy kid who has a good time playing.

Every time I touch the switch he insists on seeing Mario.

He loves to cuddles. Every day. All day.

Quinn is having Chris go through all of the Gossie and friends books we have. And we have a lot.

He's been having fun this evening with the birthday gift his uncle Jeff made for him. He's loving the roads going through Radiator Springs from Cars. All his favorite characters can visit their homes!

 Today we celebrated Quinn's 3rd birthday at home, with presents and all kinds of fun.
He was super excited for each new package he opened. The duplos were a big hit since he's been asking for the legos we bought his friend awhile back.
And the building logs were tons of fun too. He enjoyed trying his cars in and out of the buildings.

We started Quinn's 3rd birthday out right - with cuddles. He woke up pretty early and wanted to go downstairs. As soon as we got down there he curled up on the couch with me and passed out for several hours.
 Eventually we got up and drove to the east side of the state for birthday festivities! The first stop was Grandma Karath's house for some lunch and cake.
And, of course, fun presents! Lots of cars to drive and wrapping to toss all over the place. He had a great time.
 Next we headed over to the Oslund's house. We did presents first, which Quinn appreciated.
 He received some more of the Gossie & Gertie books that he loves and asked grandma to read one of them to him.
After dinner we had the dessert train (train cake). Quinn was very excited to sample all the toppings again.
He slept the whole way home so was wide awake when we pulled him out of the car. We watched a few episodes of Sarah and Duck in mommy and daddy's bed and then off to his for the night.

Yesterday when I got home I baked Quinn's birthday cake so it would be ready to assemble and decorate today. He's been pretty insistent on a dessert train, ever since he saw a photo of some concept art for a Zelda train.

Frosting the cake too several rounds and it wasn't perfect. I kept chilling it after I added a layer so I could get things looking decent.
 Quinn was excited to help. He decorated the different train cars and sampled all of the toppings. All of them.
 It look awhile but finally we had an assembled train ready to travel across the state yesterday.
When we went out to pick up a few groceries after working on the cake, he was too exhausted to stay awake. He slept in the cart for quite a while like this.

Today is our last day up in Traverse City. Quinn slept in a little later than usual, so that was wonderful.
 We used the last of the money loaded on the arcade card. He had fun trying the different games.
In the evening when we were home and ready to go to bed, he didn't complain once that Leki was on his bed. They slept together for awhile like this.

It's our second day (and first full day) at Great Wolf Lodge. We started out the day with a new magic wand for MagiQuest, which is an infared-based game sprinkled all throughout the hotel.
 Quinn enjoyed some of the clocktower show with grandma. He did give up half way through and run over to play in the playhouse. The whole lobby has a nice setup for kids to play on and they're perfect sized for toddlers.
We played some MagiQuest, although it was mostly Quinn directing me since he didn't like making the treasure chests open.
We went to the waterpark twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Quinn loved it each time. There is so much going on all the time it's hard to focus on just one thing. He really enjoyed floating in the tubes with Chris pushing him and climbing the giant play structure. 
In the evening my parents watched Quinn and Chris, Jeff and I went to see Black Panther.
The theater was surprisingly empty, but maybe that is normal for a Thursday night in Traverse City.

For Quinn's birthday we thought we'd try a few days at Great Wolf Lodge. It's only a few hours north to Traverse City from us and I've heard rave reviews from several people I've worked with.
 Quinn had an amazing first day there. They have an arcade...
...and a toddler sized bowling alley. Plus a dozen other things to do that we haven't checked out yet!

I have the day off so we spent part of the morning playing at Skyzone.

I moved my desk to a new location. On the one hand it's a bummer because I'm sitting away from the cool programmers I've been with for the last year. On the other hand, I now am by a window with a nice view.

Someone wanted me to bury him in the snow this afternoon.

The pool at the Y was closed so we went to the mall in the evening so Quinn could run around and play a bit.

We finally removed the the side of Quinn's crib, converting it it into a toddler bed. The cat has been enjoying the new sleeping space.

For Christmas a co-worker gave everyone Soylent, which is a meal replacement shake. Today I finally tried it. It wasn't bad, as meal replacements go.

Quinn and I cuddled in bed and watched a fireplace on the TV. 

We watched a replay of the SpaceX heavy rocket launch. Quinn had to run and grab his rocket playset so he could follow along.

Sometimes this cat is too much.

It's been snowing all day. In late morning we headed outside to play in the mountains of snow while Chris did some shoveling.

We met some of my co-workers this evening at a local bowling alley and played a game. Quinn had a lot of fun and was pretty upset about leaving.
So once we got home we pulled out his bowling pins and let him play a few more games before bed.

Once nice thing about sitting right next to some training rooms at work is that if there's ever leftover food (like say, breakfast food) you get first dibs.

It's been snowing on and off today.