These two are having fun on this extra day in February.

This treehouse is adorable. I kind of want it. Someone convince my kid that he needs it so I can have this in my house.

We took advantage of the sunshine and walked around at the park.

Leki really likes the little TMNT hut we bought for Quinn for his birthday. The cat spends most of his time in the evening in there when we're in the living room.

Today Leki turns 8. We celebrated with a can of tasty cat food. He really enjoyed it. Quinn felt a little left out, however.

He really enjoys looking at the pictures in books.

Chris showed Quinn how crayons work tonight. He's still too young to draw. All he wanted to do was run around with the crayon in his hand as opposed to draw on the paper, but he did enjoy watching Chris doodle.

He's having fun with the breakfast-themed play area at Woodland Mall.

My parents and brother gave Quinn a nice classic Radio Flyer wagon for his birthday. Chris and I were looking at getting a wagon, so their gift was perfect timing!

The weather wasn't quite as warm today as it was yesterday (it was in the 50's yesterday!) but we still went out to the local park to play around and enjoy the wagon. He really enjoyed being pulled around in it.

We celebrated Quinn's first birthday in the afternoon at my parents house. They were kind enough to let us crash their house and invite people over. So my friend Kati and her husband John and two kids came, as well as their parents which are like second parents to me. And my parent's good friends Mark and Karen came, who are also like another set of parents to me. It was a small group, but more than enough for Quinn.
Then we headed out to Chris's mom's house for birthday celebration: round 2. She had picked up an adorable little cake for him to eat. Once he started to taste the frosting he was all about both times. He was really cute to watch him realize that hey, that frosting is actually kind of tasty.
He had a pretty good day. He made out with a lot of awesome toys and got to see lots of people, which he always enjoys. And the weather was amazing!

Today is a pretty awesome second day off to have. Yesterday was Quinn's birthday, and today is Deadpool and the new turn based strategy game for the 3DS I've been excited to play.

Deadpool was awesome by the way. Chris and I took turns going to see it since we don't have a baby sitter. Plus I don't really mind going to the movies by myself.

We celebrated Quinn's 1st birthday at home together. It was a pretty fun day, with a trip to the mall to run around in the play area, and some new toys to play with. The big party is on Saturday.

 Lolo and Dan stopped in to visit for a little with Chris and Quinn.
And to bring Quinn a birthday present!

A co-worker brought in several puzzles and this awesome toddler busy board. He can't quite figure out all of the latches, but he's certainly intrigued by all of the doors that open!

All kinds of boxes are fun. Even ottomans that open up for storage are fun boxes to crawl into.

Fire Emblem Fates comes out on the 19th, so I've been trying to rush through as much of Bravely Default I can before I switch gears. It's a fun game, but it's definitely an investment in time. This game is going to take me ages to complete at the current rate I play games. But I guess that means I'm getting pretty good value for my dollar on these little 3DS games.

He's really getting a kick out of this piano mat Chris bought him.

I'm still really enjoying the Pebble Time. I'm especially having fun with the holiday watch faces. It's awesome to have a color Pebble.

I've been squeezing in gaming whenever I can, trying to get through as much Bravely Default as possible before the launch of Fire Emblem Fates next week and the sequel to Bravely Default in April.

Gaming with tendinitis and a baby is HARD.

We took Quinn to a fast food restaurant for lunch. He did pretty good and really liked the apple sauce pouch they sell. Its the first time that he's had one of those food pouches, so it took him a bit to figure out how to work it, but once he got the hang of it he had fun.

Target had some cute 12 month shirts on clearance last year that we picked up. Quinn is finally big enough to start wearing them. Several of them included little velcro patches. This one features the Justice League.

I've been carrying this folded up note and sewn pocket tissue holder for the better part of 10 years. My grandmother wrote me the note almost 20 years ago and when I was younger I never really carried around tissues. But now I do and stuff them in the little sleeve she gave me.

It's Super Bowl Sunday. Neither of us are into football or are going to watch the game, but we did have some football stuff for Quinn to play with.

I finally managed to get my hands on a used copy of Bravely Default for my 3DS. It's a game that's done nothing but gone up in price since it came out a few years ago and I refuse to pay $40 for a used game. So after stalking ebay for a bit I found it on the cheap.

So far it's a lot better than the really terrible demo they had out years ago.

Quinn received two different puppies for Christmas. He's mostly been playing with the leapfrog one, Scout, but he is playing more and more with his other puppy as well. It's nice to have both since they each do something different.

Just a little guy running around, investigating everything. 

Leki is getting more and more tolerant of Quinn and his "petting", which honestly is more akin to slapping the cat. 

Chris's dad came out today and visited. I think everyone had a good time. Everyone seemed happy when I came home for lunch!

I headed to GameStop on my lunch break to pick up the Mew card for Pokemon. Since this year is their 20th anniversary they have an event running through the end of the year for a new Pokemon every month. Some require a trip to GameStop.