Today was a lazy day. I did some cleaning but for the most part I just tried to relax, though I never did get that nap. I caught up on Red vs Blue, got some shopping done for Riley, and snuggled with Dayzee.

Now, its been actual months since I've played WoW for any length of time and a few weeks since I've actually even logged in. So excited, I logged in and went to check and see if anything was going on in Wintersgrasp. *sigh* I just missed the battle. But here are all the skeletons. It's probably just as well - Glenin has horrendous gear for her level (and is sporting a sexy fishing pole here and dress :P). I should probably work on that.... >>

Or I should have tried to stick out WAR. PvP in that was better than WoW....

Oh, and Shelly if you read this can you tell your man "FOR THE HORDE!!" :P Gotta keep those Alliance in their place. He'll get it - trust me.


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