I'm not going to lie - I did not take a picture today. I spent a rather large chunk of the day in bed and once I finally did get up (what...4ish) I was lazy on the couch.

I did, however, see a good movie. A lot of people told me when Juno came out that it was horrendous - do not watch. That I will hate it. If I remember right the movie Knocked Up came out around that time as well and everyone recommended Knocked Up over Juno. So I watched Knocked Up. And I hated it. So if that was the better of the two...why bother with Juno, right?

Well after having it recommended in a more persuasive manor to me, I gave it a shot. And I liked it. I was highly entertained. Good recommendation.

So this is just a shot I snagged from a blog (pic is hyperlink) of the movie.


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