The last exam for the last class was today. So here's a shot of the laptop software after I was all done (only 3 classes cause I work full time).

Its an interesting experience, taking an exam on a laptop. I mean, I appreciate the ability to organize your thoughts and essay easier than written in a bluebook but at the same time I have this fear of the exam not being received while submitted (as it is done wirelessly) or that the computer will crash and cost me valuable time rewriting everything into a bluebook.

Of course these things did not occur, and all is good. Well, outside one of the mouse buttons breaking on the laptop the day before the finals started...but thats ok.

So Sunday was good. It was great to go out to eat at IHOP in the morning. I'm pretty sure the last time I did a breakfast thing was a year ago when Kati and John helped me move. After the exam was relaxing as well - sitting around checking out Defying gravity and doing nothing much.

I'm defintely looking forward to the next two weeks of no classes. And lets just pretend there isnt homework due on the first day of class, k?


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