Since the World Cup is in full swing and my dad is a big fan of football (Soccer for those of you in America) we decided to celebrate Father's Day a day early.  It worked out best with the game schedule since Sunday is going to be spent watching non-stop Football.

Great weather in Oak Park on Saturday, a contrast to the storms the night before that took out part of my mom's car.

So there was grilling, and lots of food and visiting.  Jeff showed Chris an interesting photo transfer glue he'd been using to transfer printed photos to fabric. Chris is going to poke around and look for the glue and try it at home.

It was a good early Father's Day celebration and I hope my dad thoroughly enjoys the World Beer Cup we gave him, being sure to two-fist (if necessary) when certain countries are playing against one another.

You can find all of the Father's Day photos on flickr here.


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