This Thursday I headed over to Chris's friend Dan's house to play a board game with Jef, Dan, and Chris.

We played Jeff's game TOMB. It's like Magic The Gathering meets Hero Quest with awesomeness tied in. There are various tombs you explore with your party where you use weapons, spells, and various buffs against traps and monsters.

Usually I don't have enoug stamina to play a board game for hours on end but TOMB bad a pretty decent variety (ex. allowing you to flip from explorer to dungeon master) that it wasn't boring and didn't feel like it was dragging on and on.

It was a very good night and helped to turn around an otherwise annoying and frustrating day. Glad I was able to make it!



We've love to publish a board game review of TOMB -- if you'd like to write a full review, then please get in touch and we'll compensate you.

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