Yesterday while at JAFAX Amanada introduced me into something I thought I would never, EVER own. Pokemon.  I've been a steadfast NO POKEMON kinda person just because I was a little too old when it got big here in the states and the show drove me bonkers anytime i caught pieces of it.

Then Amanda shows me what I think is a tamagotchi pet. No. It's a pokewalker that syncs up to select pokemon games.  The main attraction to me here is the pokewalker is a pedometer. And for each certain number of steps you take, you gain watts that you use to play games on the pokewalker, like collect items and unique pokemon. 

Chris can attest to how lazy and unmotivated I can be to get out and exercise.  More than once he's had to push me to get my butt out the door.  So anything that will turn exercising into a game is a good idea in my mind. And this does exactly that. 

Several years ago I used to wear a pedometer and it worked relatively well to motivate me with its little numbers to walk more.  And this pokewalker is surprisingly accurate with counting steps.  

We were also able to swing by JAFAX later in the afternoon in time to catch the costume contest.  This, outside of a few events (Door Phil, for example) are some of my favorite at JAFAX.  We missed the fashion show yesterday because I mis-read the program, but we did catch the costume contest or as they called it, masquerade.  

They had a few skits this year (which they've apparently done in the past but not since i've been attending) and some really fantastic costumes.


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