Since today marks the start of a 4-day weekend (in which I'm determined to be lazy at some point) I decided to take advantage and do some bike riding before it got too hot.

I rode down to M6, which isn't too far but it was a nice ride down to the freeway and back.  At 10am on a Friday there weren't a whole lot of people on the path like there are on the weekend, but there were still a fair amount of bikers and rollerbladers.

Down near M6 the trail splits and you can take one along the freeway, though I've yet to do this.

In the evening we headed out to see Toy Story 3 at the only Star Theatre in Grand Rapids.  I was a little disappointed with the state of the theatre.  It was more run down than I remember some of the ones on the east side being.  It is one of the older styles, like the one on John R, and that probably has some to do with it. made me a little sad since the Star Theatre chain was my favorite over in metro Detroit.


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