Sunday evening Chris introduced me to the Macross movie, which is an older anime film that doesn't make a whole lot of sense if you're not familiar with the plot in the 80's tv show Robotech (or Macross, I think...).

Lucky for me Chris owns Robotech on DVD. I'm not going to lie - I've avoided Macross and Robotech, and well any mecha anime I've run across.  I liked RahXephon but never got into Gundam and was not terribly fond of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

So wouldn't you know it - I actually want to watch more.

Now it appears there were some changes made when Macross made it's way across the ocean to the U.S. shores. Not really a big surprise there.  So here's a breakdown (if you're interested) on what Robotech is and how it relates to Macross, and vise versa.

At some point I'll probably want to watch even the movies. For now though, this is an interesting enough show and it's really helped fill in the gaps (already) I've had going to some anime cons in the past.


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