Sunday was pretty low key. Since Chris and I had spent the majority of Saturday walking around or driving around on the east side of the state we decided to relax for the remainder of the weekend.  So I tested a brownie recipes which seems alright (maybe too sweet).  I also did some homework and studying for the upcoming finals next month.

Chris showed me Logan’s Run, which was interesting enough. I enjoyed it, and was delighted to find out the strange old rambling man was Peter Ustinov, whom I loved as a kid in Blackbeard’s Ghost (1968). As I usually do – I checked online to see if there were large differences between the movie and the actual book. There were. So I plan on tackling that after a few other books I have lined up.

In late afternoon we walked over to Cold Stone Creamery, which is a little over a mile one way, and ended up just having that for dinner. One of the benefits of the weekend – more free time to take a few hours out of the day for a trip to the ice cream shop and relaxing.


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