..feeding the cat. I hope.

Leki has been on a diet. And Leki really doesn't like being on a diet. Aside from chewing up the paint on the trim in the hallway, having "accidents" on the bathroom rug, and chewing a hole in the wall, Leki typically wakes us up around six in the morning by picking at the carpet.

He's a smart cat - he's never shredded the carpet, or blanket, or anything else. He doesn't it just enough to wake you up and annoy you. And by that point you're awake.

So enter the automatic cat feeder. It's not the best solution, I'm sure. But we're both hoping that by removing the human element of feeding him he'll eventually learn not to expect it.

Of course I'm a little nervous he's still going to demand attention just for attention's sake.

Here's hoping that by next weekend we're able to sleep past six in the morning.


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