I've purchased a lot of Square (and now Square Enix) games over the years.  At one point I owned ever copy of every game I could get my hands on, including remakes for new systems. I've even purchased Final Fantasy XI three separate times, each time trying to convince myself the MMO won't suck as bad as it does.

Apparently they've started a "rewards" program for those people who register their games.  Now I was never in the habit of registering games.  In fact, the only reason I even registered Final Fantasy XIII was for a chance to get into the beta for Final Fantasy XIV (no such luck). I also ignored all the emails about the membership levels and prizes.

So imagine my surprise when I actually received some postcards in the mail today. Guess postcards were the default.  They're cute, and are working to remind me I've yet to try Star Ocean and have left Final Fantasy XIII in it's case for the more impressive Dragon Age.


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