So after a week of obsessing and ignoring all other things in my quest to get dualboxing working, I think I have it right.  Originally the setup I was going with was two physically separate computers running two separate instances of World of Warcraft.  I blew through a number of free software options to see if I could get the setup right.

Finally though, I decided to give ISBoxer a try.  I spent all evening Friday and all morning today getting the software set up to launch across two computer. Unfortunately, the key mapping I have setup has to be wrong, and I haven't been able to figure it out.  So Chris asked me why I wasn't using one computer to run two copies of the game.

Huh. Why wasn't I indeed?

So I set up the software to launch both instances on one computer. And everything worked. The next step is to tweak some key mapping and macros but so far, I'm able to control two characters reasonably well and the like.

Here's what it looks like on my desktop (since I have dual monitors). The weird lower right hand corner is just part of my background wallpaper on the second monitor.


Sometimes I think I get carried away, but this project is impressive!
There is nothing like indulging in one's hobbies.....

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