Chris and I arrived in the mid afternoon to the Detroit Renaissance Center for Youmacon 2010.  I figured since check-in wasn't until 3pm there wasn't a huge rush to get there super early. Perhaps that was a mistake.

After we got settled in with the hotel room, we headed down to pick up our registration badges. The last several years the wait has been non-existent if you pre-register. Apparently not this year. See that purple hair? Yeah, it wraps around the escalator and wall to that very distant line/balcony you see just to the left of the purple hair. The wait was about an hour. I heard from other people that the wait was even longer just an hour that's something to be grateful for I suppose. We saw an awesome Doctor Who and Rose cosplay as well as my favorite anime character, Vash, so it was a good time. Here's a short video Chris shot of the line.

After snagging our registration badges, we immediately headed up to Artist Alley to stop by and say hi to Adam and Comfort.  As always, they have a nice booth setup with all their awesome work.  This time I was able to see the much talked about Omnibus, which is all 9 issues of The Uniques in one. It's massive and awesome. If you see it, get it.

Since it was close to dinner time when we got over to them, we were able to have tasty dinner together in the food court, which has an impressive array of choices.

As I've done for the last several years, I wanted to watch the Anime Amateur Stand-up Comedy. So Chris and I headed over and watched that. There was an awesome, absolutely amazing Old Spice cosplayer that did a great bit in that Old Spice dude voice. Chris got a small snapshot of his routine and you should totally watch the video.

After the show, we wandered around a bit, stopped by to see Adam and Comfort, and watched a few random videos.

We did see several sleepy Otaku in random places, such as hallway floors, artist alley tables, etc. So the night was definitely winding down for some people, but not for others. Lots of long lines to get into the dance concert, autograph signing, and much, much more.

So day one was interesting and I'm looking forward to using my SLR to capture all the great costumes on day two of youmacon.


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