Day two is the first full day at the convention, since we did not arrive Thursday night. I started off the day by whacking my skull into the wall and getting a large lump on my forehead.  That's what I get for walking blindly in the dark.

The hotel had a pretty decent view of the Ambassador Bridge, and near the Wintergardens you can see the casino in Windsor, Caesars.  I miss the area so I was excited to see little things like these while were were in Detroit.

We headed down to the con floor in the morning and youmacon was in full swing already.  There were a lot of people on the floor, checking out the dealer room, playing video games, and enjoying random carmelldansen in the hallway.

We stopped up in the hotel room briefly to check out the opening to Rally to Restore Sanity.  With great 3G coverage we were able to tether the laptop to the phone and stream the live event.

In the early afternoon we watched Live Action Mario Party.  I've caught this 3 of the 4 years I've attended Youmacon and it's just really amusing to me. My little brother and I used to play Mario Party when it first came out, so who wouldn't want to see mini-games acted out on a dance floor that's converted to a gameboard? Chris has some great video of the event he put together.

We also swung by the Anime Whose Line is it Anyway? panel which was amusing, but a little difficult to hear.  Its been years since I've watched the show so it was cool to see the different bits acted out.  I always enjoyed scenes from the a hat bit, so I recorded a bit of the anime version.

In the late evening (or I suppose EARLY morning as it was midnight) Chris, Adam, Comfort, and I headed over to watch Live Action Mario Party: After Dark.  It's an 18+ show and every year I've meant to attend but was really too wimpy to stay up that late.  In times past with the time change it would start at 2am or 3am I believe and really, with the time change, it felt more like 3am or 4am. 

It was an amusing show, but more PG 13 than really 18+ plus on most things. Still, I'm glad to have watched it.  And it was good to spend time with Adam and Comfort.  We really don't get to see them enough. 

Day two of youmacon was great!  With the great hotel room location we ran into no issues with the elevators like most of the attendees had (despite 12 elevators, a full hotel with Otaku riding up and down in large cosplay makes for a long wait). 


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