So it's Sunday, and it's the last day of Youmacon, which means lots of people checking out and rushing around to get wrapped up.

Even though we were up late last night, I managed to wake up around 7:30.  We hung out in the hotel room for awhile, listening to local news and some crappy national shows about Halloween while munching on our tasty breakfast provisions.

I checked out via the TV, which is a first. Usually you can just leave your key in hotel room and that's it, but this was cool too.

The hallways of the Renaissance Center weren't quite as full at 10am, but there was still a pretty decent line for the Potter Puppet Pals event. We skipped that and stopped by to see Adam and Comfort briefly before heading out to Novi.

Chris and I had plans to have lunch with his father in Novi.  We hit the area on the early side, so we swung by a Borders (which we do not have in Grand Rapids) and Chris was able to snag a cute plushie of Green Lantern (Hal Jordan).

We had a lovely lunch with Chris's father at Olive Garden.  It was nice to meet him and watch them interact.  I can definitely see the family resemblance.

When we arrived back home we were met with a lot of political flyers tossed all over the hallway. Leki, as you can see, was super excited to see us when we got home.  So excited he forgot that he doesn't fit on my shoulder and kept trying to crawl all over to get the best perch.

Anyway, here's a slideshow of the weekend's events at Youmacon. It was a great time.  I really enjoy the format of the convention being built into the hotel, as opposed to most conventions where the convention center is separate from the hotel.  It certainly gives it a very social feel.  I really hope that they're able to maintain that atmosphere, although honestly it felt like the convention was nearly busting at the seams at the Detroit Renaissance Center, which is a VERY large hotel (and, consequently, the largest building in Michigan).


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