Awhile back there was a gift certificate option where if you spent $25 you'd get $50 coupon at GAP.  At the time I needed work clothes so it seemed like a good idea. I should have looked in their store prior to doing that. Everything is expensive there.

So I've had the coupon for several months and finally I was able to spend it. I snagged a shirt on sale and a belt. And I still ended up spending $20 bucks.  I hate shopping for clothes. That belt better last a decade at least.

I also picked up some cheap boots to use walking in the winter downtown.  The only winter boots I currently have are not exactly work appropriate.

In the evening I played around in Lord of the Rings Online.  It had been well over a week since I'd had a chance to play and the time to get all the fall festival quests is slowly slipping away.

I finally upgraded to a deluxe house, which has a lot more storage and places to put house decorations.

All in all between buying some clothes in real life and buying a new house in Lord of the Rings Online, I'd say it was a pretty expensive day.


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