About a week ago, Chris created a comic strip with a combination of apps from the Apple app store.  Among them were ToonPAINT and ComicStrip.  Since then he has created several quick comics of the days goings on (as well as a video slideshow), and they're just really cool.

They're cool for a couple of reasons:
1) He's got a creative mind and an eye for composition
2) He snaps these little comics together quickly. Partially because he's awesome, and partially because the apps are pretty fast and easy to use.
3) He's making them on his iPod Touch. You know, that little thing the size of a cell phone?

Anyway, here's a few comics he's made that I just think are neat.  You should totally check out his website, Chris-Karath.com, for future interesting links, articles, photos, and general nerdiness.

Leki gazing at the parakeet Dinah
Flickr Link
Peppy the ferret
Flickr Link
Last Sunday's cheap movie (Hearafter) experience
Flickr Link


I like the comics!

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