The day started quiet and uneventful enough.  For lunch Chris wanted to head over to Wendys, try their new french fries, and do some window shopping.  With nothing else on the docket, I said sure.

Since we were out, we swung by Meijer to pick up a few things and look at the lego minifigures.  They have small 1.99 packets of lego figures.  They're all different types and the bag is packaged so that you can't tell what's inside.

Anyway, here's what happened at our first stop. you can, not much success. He wasn't hung up on it, but I wasn't happy. Chris wanted a mime, so damnit we were going to find one! So off we went!


I tried to go back into the store but Chris talked me out of spending oodles on singers and weightlifters.


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