Tonight's Meanwhile movie at the Wealthy Theatre is Brazil. Neither Chris or I have seen it. I'm thinking this is going to be an interesting few hours.



So did you like it? It was just on cable a few days ago here, but I missed it.
From what I remember, I think our life today is more like Brazil than it was 20 years ago...

Brazil was odd. I'm sure it would be more on topic in the 80's than now. It's visually interesting, but even I noticed an excessive amount of paper in the movie. which is indicative of processes, ridged rules, etc. I get that - but in today's society it's more invisible. That red tape isn't quite a stack of papers or files on a desk per se.

The movie seemed like a commentary on automated processes, lack of human element/critical thinking, and on societies pre-ocupation with excess (face lifts, executive toys, etc). It was 1984-ish, but with a less explicit dialog. Like other stuff of gilliam's I've seen, it was looser in terms of plot delivery and heavier on the visuals. Kind of like Tim Burton, but I think Gilliam still has a message he tries to portray where at this point I dont think Burton has one at all.

The environment that the movie comments on doesnt exist anymore. In some ways I agree, I think we've moved closer to what the movie was pointing out as our path. but at the same time I think a lot more of it is seamless, or behind the scenes. The propogagnda we get is more sophisticated; not simply posters that are very orwellian in an office. Although, we do have something similar to that now thanks to Janet Naplitano's walmart ad. ( so we're closer to that Brazil-like world, but it doesnt look like Brazil. It couldn't. We have a more astetically pleasing version, still full of buerocracy and processes without thought behind them. Ours is just sugarcoated a little better (more tv channels, more gadgets, softer & less investigative news, etc).

Plus, we dont have to use magnifying glasses positioned in front of tiny monitors attached to typewriters. :)

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