To me, the Kinect originally sounded interesting, it wasn't until I started hearing about FAAST and possibilities with that (plus Microsoft is going to put out their own official development kit shortly for the computer). Toss in 20% off one-day only coupon and I'm in!
So we headed out a little past midnight, figuring since the Kinect is normally hard to find with the coupon it might be even harder. We drove to two different stores but finally at a little past 1am we had a Kinect in hand and were headed back home. Given how crappy the roads ended up being today, I'm glad we opted to shop at midnight as opposed to noon.
Now, the long term plan is to use the Kinect more with the computer than the Xbox 360, but that doesn't mean we can't play with some Kinect games, right? So Chris and I played a few games together, and I messed around playing soccer and some other sports games by myself as well.

It's very similar to the Wii on a lot of things, but you can't fake movement as easily. With the Wii you can just flip your wrist back and forth - you don't actually have to move your whole body. Not so with the Kinect since it's watching your whole frame. I'm more impressed than I thought I would be. I agree with what Chris has to say about it.
The huge drawback with the Kinect is the amount of room it needs. We don't have a large living room - it's just barely big enough for the kinect after we move the coffee table. Barely. That's ok - we knew that before we bought it. Still, it's a little tricky for both of us to play at the same time. More so than with the Wii.

Leki, of course, loves the extra room on the floor. He couldn't stop rolling around in front of us while we played, snagging stray pant legs that got too close to his domain.


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