It's been a different kind of day. First off, I slept in. I never sleep in. Even if I stayed up all night I still wake up no later than 7:30 thanks to a cat on a very strict schedule. Not today. Hello nearly 10am.

Plus I'm sore, like I did real exercise. I guess I kind of did yesterday with the Kinect and now my body has a Kinect hangover. Between the two of us we played about three hours of Kinect games yesterday and I've played about an hour again today. Really what this all tells me is that I'm not active enough, which I knew already. I don't like aerobics, dancing, yoga, etc. Toss a video game in the mix though and yeah, you can sell it to me better. Now the real trick is to see how long I stay interested. The only thing I've managed to maintain consistently is walking several miles every day. And that's mostly helped by the fact that I work downtown and walk everywhere.
It hasn't snowed much more today, but it's been very chilly out. Squirrels have stopped by a few times looking to see if we've put out any food. Mostly they've been disappointed, but the cat has been entertained by their comings and goings.

It's been a quiet day, which is nice for a Sunday. Chris even got to do another epic amount of link blogging today.


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