Quinn is so excited to check out the Octo Expansion today. It was the first thing he asked for when I walked in the door this evening.

It's still holding on, even if just barely.

I was able to watch the Nintendo Direct on my lunch break, which made me super happy. I've been in all day meetings all week so I'm glad I was able to get away for a little bit.

Tonight is the first night of dance class... It was an experience.

This guy had a great time, and that's what matters.

I wanted to get some things at Ikea, so we spent the night and headed out there first thing in the morning. Quinn is too young for their kids play area, so he came with us throughout the store.
He had a lot of fun, including trying to push one cart while in another. It was certainly an experience for the three of us.

So we drove to the east side for the weekend and to visit Grandma Karath and celebrate some things. First and foremost was a belated celebration for Uncle Jeff's birthday.
That involved cake.
And we went to see Solo. The Emagine Theater in Royal Oak is very nice.

It took me the better part of the day, on and off, to figure out notifications on iOS for my pebble. Turns out you have to turn on "Show in History", which was not at all obvious, in order to get notifications from the mail program.

I tried to show this game to Quinn this morning and he wasn't having it. When I came home he was excited to try it again. Chris is a great teacher and Quinn played it for much longer than I thought he would. Progress!