After a 19 hour shift at work, I'm finally done at 5am. Time for sleep!

This weekend is a conversion at work so I'm at the office while we work on things. This little guy came out and was sniffing around the back deck around 5pm.

Some co-workers and I met up at a park between our houses and let our kids play.
Quinn had a great time running around chasing all kinds of things.
It was good to get the kids out and let them run around all over.

Someone slept in late today.

 Today has all around been a beautiful day outdoors. The sunrise was great (even if it was chilly out).
We played at the park after dinner. Sunshine and warm weather were wonderful after the last week of clouds and rain.

A new spot opened up recently by us so after dinner we took a little stroll. It's a fun place called Pi-Cafe that features all kinds of different pies you can order.
We were there 30 minutes before they close, so there weren't a ton of options but we did snag a tasty peanutbutter pie, which Quinn and I split.

 It's Mother's Day! We are spending today at home. Quinn made me this card.
 In the late morning, before the rain was supposed to start, we took a nice walk on a nearby trail.
 No rain by later in the afternoon but it still seemed like a good day to nap and cuddle.
Even the cat wanted to snuggle!

We spent the day in the Detroit area. We stopped at my parents house briefly and then spent time at Grandma Karath's assembling LEGO sets and eating desserts.
When we arrived home I headed out to see the Detective Pikachu movie. It was a lot more adorable than I thought it was going to be. Plus they were handing out trading card packs, so that's a cute bonus.