We played some hide and seek this afternoon.  After several failed attempts to find me, the toddler finally discovered me. We then spent about 30 minutes "hiding" in the closet waiting for a certain father figure to walk by to scare.

We've had mixed success with potty training the toddler, so I'm going to try these and see if they help at all.

He's really enjoying these laptops that a friend gave us. The one with the mouse is especially amusing because of the noise it makes when you play with it.

This guy is almost 10 years old!

The serpentine belt in the Fusion went out. Luckily I was home and discovered in the morning before I left for work. Since we have AAA, I just called a tow truck to take it to a nearby shop. I had my laptop with me so I worked from home for the day, which Quinn enjoyed.

Chris had this duffle bag in the basement and it was just what I was looking for. This is much easier than the backpack I'd been using for those days I go to the Y.

I met some old co-workers for drinks after work this evening. Autumn brought her beautiful twin girls. We all enjoyed seeing how much they've grown over the past few months.

I met my friend Lori this morning and she gave me the latest haul of clothes and toys her son had outgrown that Quinn might like. Top among everything was a cash register. Quinn was very excited to scan things!