So this is out. It's...weird. I tried playing it a bit on lunch at work.

Found this pebble in my pant cuff after a walk at lunch.

This thing is still going strong and I keep filling it with candy. People occasionally ask me if it's filled with halloween candy, but for the most part people just eat and I refill.

After work, the little one and I spent some time at a nearby park.

 In the morning we met some friends and the kids had fun at the park, although it did start to rain. That shortened their running around time for sure.
In the afternoon I worked on taking apart the MC2 pixel purse and getting it working with an arduino. I was able to get up and running pretty quickly with some default code from adafruit.

The little one's betta fish is still going along, having a good time.

He was a little chilly this morning on our walk.

Had a class at work today, which comes complete with a book as home.