The cat is not enjoying our cuddle pile right now.

My parents drove out and visited for the day with us. Quinn was excited to show them everything in the house, which he usually does with them. There might be a new toy they haven't seen before!
We also celebrated my dad and Chris's birthdays since they were this month. They even brought a cookie cake out for Chris, which he loved.

I came home from work and this little guy was curled up on the couch sleeping.

It's going to be a long night after he wakes up.

I found this in our pantry this morning. Our kid lives for Halloween, so he will be excited to look at the box.

We had cake, there were presents, and of course all kinds of decorations around the house. Quinn had a lot of fun celebrating Chris's birthday and i'm pretty sure Chris had as good a time sharing it with the little guy.

 Tonight the little one and I decorated for Chris's birthday tomorrow.
We tried to put up everything we could find and to confine Chris to one part of the house so it would all be a surprise in the morning.

He's been enjoying this Sago Mini doctor play set. He gave all of his toys a checkup this morning, which became quite involved.

It's another chilly day but we decided to go out and enjoy some Halloween-themed stuff at John Ball Zoo.
 We ran into a co-worker of mine and they're adorable little girl.
 And stopped to see lots of animals.
As well as the decorations. The most important part were all the candy stations, and we managed to hit all of them.