We spent the day at the beach in Grand Haven. It was so busy and I'm glad we arrived before noon and had packed lunch.
It took about two hours before the little one would get in the water. He's still not a fan of water in general and definitely not cold water that might splash his face, but we're making progress.

We picked up a small paint sprayer yesterday so we could seal the deck this weekend. It's finally been dry enough to put a waterproof clearcoat after powerwashing several weekends ago.
 Chris did all of the deck work while I entertained the little one.
He was especially impressed with a boardgame I'd backed on Kickstarter that arrived today. Trogdor!! I was a huge fan of Strong Bad emails in the early 2000s so I absolutely had to back anything with Trogdor in it.
The little one really enjoyed the premise of the game (which I explained but we did not play together), which is to play the dragon and burn things. He loved the little figures and the fact that the cards have a burned and unburned side.

It's super hot out but this guy wants to have a blanket on him.

I got up early today and made everyone french toast. Yum!

My car thinks it's very hot out. It's not 100 degrees out, but I'm sure it feels like that on the sensor with the sun shining on it.

This is actually quite tasty on salads (I don't like dressings).

These now live at my desk at work. I was afraid they'd melt in the sun in the car so I brought them inside.

Little one and I spent a fair amount of time in and out of the house today. The weather is so much nicer today than the last several days.