Sometimes I don't feel like packing a lunch, or going and buying anything, so I end up eating these emergency meals Chris buys for me. They never quite look as tasty as the photo.

He loves getting mail from his grandparents. Stickers, temporary tattoos, what's not to like?

Today is our work holiday party. I spent part of the morning cutting out demigorgan flowers for our holiday diorama at the event.

It's snowy and gross today. This photo doesn't do justice to what the roads were like this morning.

Redbox is selling off their video games, so I snagged Death Stranding for $40. Looking forward to a weird, wild ride.

We've all been enjoying the Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar. Lots of fun little things to build. The 4 year old's favorite part is mini-figures for sure.

 We did the Great Candy Cane Hunt this year.
The first part of the event is running around and finding candy canes (laminated colored ones) and turning them in for real candy candes.
 There there are inside activities such as stories and games.
 Plus pizza! This is the first time he's actually eaten a pizza slice willingly, so we were very happy.
After we spent the rest of the day baking all kinds of cookies.

I've been playing a lot of Stardew Valley again and have started a family. I'm not sure why I thought having a virtual baby would be a good idea after the stress of having a real one a few years ago.