We visited my parents and brother this afternoon. Quinn had a great time hiding under his swimming pool.
 And Chris showed my dad VR with his new Daydream headset.
The little guy found my mom's old shoes and wore those around the house. This kid loves to put on all kinds of shoes.
He wasn't ready to leave when we had to go...
...but he loved cuddles with his uncle.

Sunrise, even hidden by trees and houses, is always beautiful.

Quinn and I took an early morning stroll and a nearby trail and were happy to discover this! A whole book to read on our walk. We had a lot of fun.

I'm building quite the little collection of toys on my desk. Not much, but a lot more than what I started with 5 months ago.

Leki is becoming more and more tolerant of the toddler.

I'm still doing the C25K. I'm on week 7 so I'm getting close to the end. After that it's just getting used to running more than 3 times a week.

While Quinn napped I played some games on the Switch outside.

We visited Deer Tracks Junction this morning. Now that Quinn is a year older we were curious to see how he handled the place.
He enjoyed climbing everything, even more than he did last year. And there were a lot more things to climb. The built a whole new tall structure and underground tunnel system.
The animals were adorable as ever. Quinn had fun feeding and petting them.