Today is another day-long meeting. Those days always come with interesting and tasty food. Today's meal was a boxed lunch for Grand Traverse Pie Company. It was quite tasty (aside from the weird fixation restaurant have with slathering mayo on EVERYTHING).

The sun is shining and even though it's not quite 70 degrees, we headed out to get some ice cream anyway. You have to celebrate the sunny days, no matter the temperature.

Some delicious spices arrived today. Hooray for tasty cooking supplies!

We had a lot of fun making the RC car in the Nintendo LABO kit. The IR camera is impressive!

Escalators are fun.

I pulled out my old iPad and loaded up Costume Quest on it. A co-worker recommended it since it's Halloween themed and the toddler loves Halloween. He was not disappointed. He loved it!

It snowed again last night.

I'm hanging out in a conference room all week for a vendor meeting. At least the room is large so we're not all crammed in a tight space.