We drove out to Pickerel Lake this morning. It has been years since I've been there and we've never taken Quinn. I brought a checklist for him to play with so he had fun hunting for different things.
And of course sticks are always fun. He carried it around and pretended it was a Splatoon gun and he was inking the trail.  
We didn't make it all the way around the lake - that's just too far for him to walk. But we had fun going back and forth on the boardwalk once he was done exploring on the dirt path.

He's been having a lot of fun playing with puzzles lately. I'm really enjoying it and hope he keeps his love of puzzles as he gets older, because I'd love to be able to keep completing them with him, just like I did with my parents.

A vendor shipped a ton of boxes full of manuals for classes. They all need to be organized by Friday. I'm so grateful that I work with a group of individuals who pitch in and help, even when it it outside of the scope of their work.

He's been "reading" at least one book to himself every night for the past week. It's great fun listening to him recite the story the way he remembers it being read to him. He even acts out the excited scenes I do.

We made a blanket fort and watched some videos this evening. Playing with this kid is lots of fun.

It's the 2nd week of dance class. This time the teacher asked me to sit in to help keep the little one on task. He's certainly on the younger side (the age range is 3-5 years old) and focusing is still a challenge. But he has lots of fun, especially because the whole ordeal is embarrassing to his mother.

It's Father's Day! That means opening all of the silly presents Quinn picked out Friday!
These two took turns watching Germany vs Mexico in the World Cup with Chris's VR headset.
It's 90+ degrees out, so in the early afternoon we headed out to the SplashPad to cool off.
And also had some fun putting together legos. I'm pretty excited he was able to follow the instructions for the house!

We bought a bunch of peaches and I made peach cobbler this afternoon. I made it all for me because the other two weirdos in the house won't eat it.

So I ate two servings as soon as it came out of the oven and napped for a few hours.

Totally worth it.