I completely forgot to scrub off a tattoo from yesterday's festivities. No one at work seemed to notice this awesome car so I think I'm ok.

What a difference a year makes! This year Quinn really enjoyed the egg hunt outside.
We were able to play the egg tapping game, which even motivated him to eat some hard boiled egg (a rarity). 
Plus he enjoyed the traditional chocolate bunny (ears first, of course). All in all it was a pretty fun day for the little guy.

We celebrated Easter early and on the east side of the state today. First up was Grandma Karath's house.
There were cupcakes and toy cars, two of the toddler's favorite things.
 Then it was onto the Oslund grandparent's house for toys, books and more.
There was even time to sit and enjoy some riveting cartoons on Netflix.

Quinn and I have been enjoying the beach before bedtime. He asks for the sand and water and I lay these two blankets out back to back. We swim, we crawl around on the beach, and show off all of the cool beach activities to his stuffed friends.

A co-worker brought in her Dominion card game. I'm really enjoying all of the card games everyone plays. They're a new thing to learn and pretty adjacent to the video games and other nerdy type things I like.

Met up with some co-workers at a brewery downtown for some trivia. It was a lot of fun!

It's a dreary, overcast day.

I took a walk at a nearby park on lunch because the weather was so nice. Since it's supposed to rain later today, I have to take advantage while I can.