After two busy days we saved Monday for a quiet day at home. Quinn and I did head out to the park for awhile while Chris was working on the yard. He really enjoys pulling his wagon around the neighborhood.

We spent Sunday at Greenfield Village with Grandpa Karath, Uncle Jeff and Grandma and Grandpa Oslund.
It was sunny, it was hot, and it was a lot of fun. 
 Quinn had a good time exploring all of the new places. Since Greenfield Village is so large, there are seemingly endless places for him to run to.
 He enjoyed the classic cars driving by, the train, and all of the animals.
He took a two hour nap in the car and woke up asking for a milkshake. He has such great ideas.

Since it's a holiday weekend and I have Monday off, we drove to the east side of the state to spend some time with family. We visited the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum, which is great for kids.
 We were able to find a quiet restaurant so the little one could take a break from all the excitement and eat some lunch.
He had a lot of fun in the hotel room as well. He really enjoys going on new adventures.

A coworker brought in space cupcakes. Delicious!

These single serve items have really taken off in the last several years, with these brownie and cake mixes popping up now. Chris tried making his own years ago. With a little preparation you can set up several single serve mixes at once for future use. Or you can divvy up a cake mix box as well.

This store only had one flavor - sour cream. At least they had some, even if they're the wrong flavor.

I'm having a surprisingly difficult time trying to get Chris some Lays Stax that he likes. I've been to several stores and they've all been out.

They're getting quite the collection of Star Wars specific Father's Day cards at the local Target.