Quinn spent part of the evening with me while I was sewing in our bedroom. He's very into the dump truck he and Chris picked up today, carting a load of bells back and forth on the table.

I bought a giant bag of candy from Costco last week so I filled this back up today. We have plenty of candy for the next few days, at least.

 Lorelei turned 4 this week! She's getting so big. Her birthday party was today and tons of fun.

Quinn got to hit his first pinata.
 And there were fun photo standees that Dan's mom made. 
Overall Quinn had a great time, even running around outside despite it being freezing!

We woke up and headed out to Quinn's swim lesson in the morning. Chris dropped us off to do shopping so we had a little time before we got picked up. Quinn was very excited to run on the indoor track.
It rained pretty heavily all day today, which meant the outdoor Halloween activities we were going to do were canceled. I spent a big chunk of the afternoon working on my costume instead. Quinn watched the Trolls movie for the umpteenth time as a refresher for a birthday party tomorrow.
By 5:30pm Quinn was out. It's been a busy few days for the little guy.

My cousin Fredde is staying with my parents for the week while visiting from Sweden. We have a pretty busy weekend so I took Friday off to go and spend the day with my family.

As a cool bonus, Chris's best friend who lives in China (also named Chris) was in the state for a week so he drove up and visited for a bit as well.
It took awhile, but Quinn did warm up eventually. He had a lot of fun outside driving his cars and eating raspberries.
It's also Fredde's birthday, so had a nice dinner to celebrate.
And a tasty Swedish-style birthday cake, which features whip cream and strawberries instead of frosting. That actually made the cake feel lighter to me. I really liked it that way. So did Quinn (minus the strawberries).  It was a nice visit and we will have to get over to Sweden sometime and visit him.

A co-worker is out this week so we are placing a bunch of these all over his workspace.

This was a pretty tasty snack first thing in the morning.

I'm trying to do more quiet time with Quinn before bed. We've been alternating between reading and watching a show before he goes and sleeps in his room. He considers laying in our bed a real treat.