I have the day off so we spent part of the morning playing at Skyzone.

I moved my desk to a new location. On the one hand it's a bummer because I'm sitting away from the cool programmers I've been with for the last year. On the other hand, I now am by a window with a nice view.

Someone wanted me to bury him in the snow this afternoon.

The pool at the Y was closed so we went to the mall in the evening so Quinn could run around and play a bit.

We finally removed the the side of Quinn's crib, converting it it into a toddler bed. The cat has been enjoying the new sleeping space.

For Christmas a co-worker gave everyone Soylent, which is a meal replacement shake. Today I finally tried it. It wasn't bad, as meal replacements go.

Quinn and I cuddled in bed and watched a fireplace on the TV. 

We watched a replay of the SpaceX heavy rocket launch. Quinn had to run and grab his rocket playset so he could follow along.