I do not like white chocolate, but the peanut butter in this almost makes up for it. Almost. I should have read the label more carefully when I snagged it.

We made monster cookies with some candy melts. I was curious to see what it was like working with them. They are easy enough, but taste too close to white chocolate for anything I'd ever eat. The other members of our household however...
...taste tested them. The candy coating met with everyone's approval.
There was devastation when one of the eyes fell off. He didn't believe us at first that they were candy. It took some coaxing but eventually he ate the eyes and all was better.

Even though going every Saturday is a hassle, Quinn is making progress with his swim lessons. He still wont put his face in the water, but he is willing to do other things, like jump, that he wasn't before.

 After a dramatic reading of Green Eggs and Ham, Quinn agreed to try green eggs.

He was not impressed.
I refused to eat any more and ate peanut butter toast instead.

There is always a lot of silly, squirmy action when the toddler cuddles in our bed.

Even on bandaids.

Flipped through several pattern catalogs looking for a Maleficent-like robe. Not a lot of success.

These are the types of photos you find on your phone when the toddler gets a hold of it.