So many different sets converging into one giant beach scene in our TV room.

So many friends to snuggle with at night!

We've been putting a lot of LEGOs together and weird things are happening.

 Welcome to Four!
He received so many LEGO sets yesterday, so one of the first things we did was assemble the Harry Potter one.
Then it was off to see LEGO Movie 2, which he's been pumped to see for weeks.
 We opened presents in the afternoon from Chris and I. 
Then we were back at more LEGO set assembly. We're going to be putting sets together for days and days.
We also spent some time at the nearby park to enjoy sunshine and snow! All in all it was a pretty busy 4th birthday!

Today we're headed to the east side of the state to celebrate with grandparents! We have a Build-A-Bear birthday hat and we're ready to go!
 He had tons of fun running around Grandma Karath's place and playing with new toys.
 Fuzzy had a good time too.
 At Grandma and Grandpa Oslund's house he received more presents!
 Plus we had some more birthday cake!
Eventually we made it back home and snuggled with new Harry Potter plushies.

Today is the first day in a 3-day long birthday celebration extravaganza. We first stopped at Build-A-Bear, where Quinn built a birthday bear for his very own.
 Next we worked on a birthday cake together.
It was a pretty active day so he fell asleep early with his new bear, whom he named Fuzzy.

The little one tried to put a blanket on the cat....

Such an adorable gift from the little one!