He was a little chilly this morning on our walk.

Had a class at work today, which comes complete with a book as home.

We took another early morning walk and ran into more deer.

We were out again early today. The little one is starting to rise earlier and earlier, which means we can start taking our morning walks again.

The four year old and I went for an early morning walk and interrupted some deer on a nearby nature trail.

This awesome LED matrix in a purse was super cheap online ($10) so I picked up a few to hack, ala this cool article from Adafruit.

the plastic shell of the M2 Pixel Purse is pretty gross, but if I was a little kid (or had one, which I do) I'd think it was neat.

 We drove out to Pickerel Lake this morning for a hike.
We did a 2 mile loop, which was long for the 4 year old but he made it.
After we stopped for lunch and some playtime at Townsend park, which has a nice set of playgrounds.

We stopped by the Kent County Youth Fair. The little one was fascinated but reserved. He very much did not want to ride any of the rides or pet any animals. But looking at the chickens was ok!
He also loves to have his photo taken, so anytime there's an opportunity he makes one of us pose with him.