We spent Father's Day on the east side of the state with family. First off was visiting the Oslund side of the family, playing with toys and uncle Jeff.
 And of course hanging out with Grandparents!
 Next was stopping in to see Grandma Karath. She had tasty cupcakes!
And lots of tickle and cuddle sessions for her little grandson.

We spent the day out and about running errands and picking out Father's Day gifts.

Testing remote play for the PS4 on my laptop.

The rain is back. It's been raining all day.

It was not a productive day at work today. My computer is dying a slow death.

It's sunny again! And warm! Hooray for beautiful weather!

So this happened. Tomorrow is our anniversary and the PS4 is on sale due to E3 so...

I've wanted a PS4 for a long time but it's not like I'm able to sit and do a lot of gaming. As the little one gets older I'm able to snatch more and more time playing games. I'm excited to dive into all the games I've missed that are now cheap!
I especially appreciate that I still had a 0.03 balance on my account from 7 years ago.

It's a rainy day today so we watched Star Wars Episode VI today. He had a blast and dressed up quite a bit after.