We had some fun out in the neighborhood, enjoying the warm weather and all the snow still covering the grass.

He sleeps in the weirdest positions.

We headed out to the mall this evening after I got home from work. He loves wearing the hood on his hoodie so he spent the whole time dressed like that.

His love for cars knows no bounds. He loves to set these tracks up everywhere.

A new ramen and noodle bar opened up near work. We all piled into a few cars and drove over to Sapporo Ramen and Noodle bar to try some delicious food.

The little guy likes to line things up, even Luck Charms (after he's eaten all of the marshmallows, that is).

We played some hide and seek this afternoon.  After several failed attempts to find me, the toddler finally discovered me. We then spent about 30 minutes "hiding" in the closet waiting for a certain father figure to walk by to scare.

We've had mixed success with potty training the toddler, so I'm going to try these and see if they help at all.