It's been a pretty good Sunday. We did some grocery shopping, I grilled some tasty food, Quinn took a nap. It's been fun watching him tell stories with his toys and listen to him voice a preference in breakfast options. He's growing into such a little person.

This weekend is the mini makerfaire in Grand Rapids. The Grand Rapids Public Museum hosts the event, and it's nice to be able to see the different museum exhibits while we are there.
 Quinn had a lot of fun, mostly anytime something with a motor was around.
This giant table of legos was pretty fun too. He tried to find every wheel in the pile, since cars have wheels. Next year will be even more fun with him, since I suspect he will be able to participate in some of the crafts they usually have.

Well, today was the last day of the C25K program. I ran for time and not distance so I'm not running a full 5K in 30 minutes, but I've definitely proved to myself I have enough endurance to make it. I plan on gradually increasing my time so I'm running a full 5K in the next several weeks.

He really enjoys sitting in the driver's seat, turning the wheel and looking at all of the instrument panels.

The squirrels have been decimating my sunflowers. They've already broken and eaten buds off of another plant and they're chewing down the leaves on this one. So I've decided to try these skewers as a defense perimeter. Now they won't be able to sit in the pot nibbling away. At least not easily...

I'm so excited! The third book in this amazing trilogy is finally out and the toddler is in bed early. I am going to read all night!

He's so proud of himself, typing away on the laptop.

I saw this cake pan referenced in one of the groups I'm in and I fell in love with it. I ordered it immediately. A cake pan that bakes a pull apart cake? Yes please. Plus, the honey lemon cake recipe it comes with is pretty tasty.