I love this restaurant. It's tasty and childhood memories all rolled into one. The only thing missing today was my brother eating extra pieces of olga bread.

I charged my 3DS to play some Fire Emblem while Quinn enjoys some Mario Kart. Things worked well until he discovered Luigi's Mansion and insisted he play the spooky game on the 3DS.

He's slowly getting the hang of controlling a game with two hands. Kind of.

We had an event at work today. They had some leftover balloons so I brought some home for the little one. He loves them!

It snowed overnight.

He's such a silly kid..

Some time in the middle of the night this guy came into our bed. I put him back and a few hours later he did it again. Taking that side off of the crib awhile back has led to a lot of visits from a half asleep toddler.

This is how a toddler eats a doughnut with frosting, I guess.