Mass Effect: Andromeda is out today, and there's a 2g patch that needed to be downloaded prior to playing. I was finally able to play a little later in the evening. It's a pretty game, but I think I'm going to have a hard time playing a game that requires a much larger time commitment at once than Zelda does (the Switch being mobile helps).

I didn't really appreciate how much I would love the Switch's portability and easy on/off to resume your game until I sat down to play Andromeda.

Now that I'm working over by one of my first jobs in Grand Rapids, I'm able to visit one of the parks I enjoyed previously - Cascade Township Park. It has a nice mile long loop around the outer edge of the park which I can walk on my lunch hour.

Yesterday before bed Quinn and I worked on a new quilt for him. He's been loving watching me play the new Zelda Breath of the Wild game.

Originally my intent had been to just make a top sheet, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted a blanket with weight.

The stitching isn't perfect as I really let the layers of fabric move more than they should, but hopefully he enjoys the blanket as much as I do. 

My parents spent the evening in town Friday and spent some time both days with Quinn. He was over the moon with their visit, showing them every toy and testing to see if they would let him do things he know he shouldn't.

 I went with some co-workers for delicious St Patrick's Day cuisine.
It was very, very tasty and filling.

I'm starting to collect more of these than I ever thought I would.

Chris bought me a portable laptop stand that I can use to prop my Switch up on (and laptop I suppose). Gaming in bed just got easier.

Quinn and Chris are learning to share this super hero tower.